The name “Terra Tales” signifies our company’s primary object of promoting unexplored experiences and earthen stories unfolding the description of beautiful locations and ethos of our resorts and lodges created by the ardent owners.

Our Credentials

We aim to stay ahead of the curve generating a bespoke sales and marketing strategy customized to suit your brand’s goals and needs.

Our credentials are based on years of experience in handling inbound business through local DMCs (Destination Management Companies) & foreign tour operators and Domestic business through Travel Agents, Corporate consolidators and event organizers. Terra Tales pan-India reach enables its partner hotels to broaden their distribution network all across India.

We work with partners who promote conservation, environmentally responsible tourism by sustaining low visitor impact at the destination and providing beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local people. We are part of “The Green People” community that works towards a conceptually new blend of Eco Tourism, Agro-Tourism and Rural Tourism.

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