Welcome to Terra Tales - Hotel Marketing Company in Delhi

The name “Terra Tales” signifies our company’s primary object of promoting unexplored experiences and earthen stories unfolding the description of beautiful locations and ethos of our resorts and lodges created by the ardent owners.

Our Credentials

We aim to stay ahead of the competitors by generating a unique sales and marketing strategy customized to suit your brand’s goals and needs.

Our credentials are based on years of experience in handling inbound business through local DMCs (Destination Management Companies) & foreign tour operators and Domestic business through Travel Agents, Corporate consolidators and event organizers. Terra Tales pan-India reach enables its partner hotels to broaden their distribution network all across India.

We work with partners who promote conservation, environmentally responsible tourism by sustaining low visitor impact at the destination and providing beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local people. We are actively working in the fields of Eco-Tourism, Agro-Tourism and Rural Tourism.


  • Ravi Malhotra
    The sincerity, devotion and customized solutions by highly energetic and enthusiastic Terra Tales team make me enjoy working with them. They do not carry out what we suggest. Instead, they come up with effective and feasible marketing solutions and give due consideration to our points as well. Ms Chaudhry, the Founder of Terra Tales is ever-prepared to answer the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ for every activity undertaken. We have witnessed significant improvement in qualitative and quantitative terms and we are elated about it.
    Ravi Malhotra
    The Terraces Kanatal
  • Nikhil Kapur
    Not every Marketing Partner has bandwidth, vision, rock-solid approach and the right attitude to promote a concept like Atmantan as it serves the niche segment that wishes to embark on a journey of getting deeply familiarized with soul, mind and body. Not many can understand the deep foundations behind a notion like Atmantan and reach out to those who do is always challenging. Terra Tales joined hands and its team dived deep into the concept to understand every single aspect of it and now spreading the word on the most suitable platforms and through apt channels where the density of the enlightened ones or those who crave to get enlightened is high. They are doing a fantastic job in a highly sincere and focused manner. Keep going great guns, team!
    Nikhil Kapur
    Atmantan Wellness Resort
  • Karan Grewal
    Terra Tales endorses some selected properties and the beauty is that they do not follow a standard approach to promote every property. They have bespoke solutions for every property and to them, each client is equally important. I have never experienced any kind of hassles or difficulty working with Terra Tales. They are constantly and silently working with the sole objective of bringing out the best outcomes. This dedication and focus of theirs is bearing fruits and we have a long way to go with this exciting team headed by Ms Gita Chaudhry Thank you, Terra Tales.
    Karan Grewal
    Norwood Green
  • Vibhav Agrahari
    Terra Tales has a highly realistic approach and the team maintains transparency during all the times. They suggest what is best and highly cost-effective. Their flexible approach and deep understanding of the markets come very handily in crafting and wonderfully executing great strategies to promote the property. Great results are pouring in a continuous manner and we are happy to be associated with Terra Tales closely and actively.
    Vibhav Agrahari
    Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort
  • Kshitij Aggarwal
    Outsourcing any of the responsibilities is never easy and when we talk of endorsements, it is highly crucial. I have seen people facing challenges and issues with their Marketing Partners. But we are truly fortunate as we joined hands with Terra Tales. The team is proactive, highly responsive and purely dedicated. In fact, there have been instances when they acted as our improvement partner and they took measures on their own. A sense of responsibility, belongingness and ownership makes Terra Tales team stand out from others operating in this domain. All the very best, team!
    Kshitij Aggarwal
    Vannraj Resort & Spa 
  • Lalit Shukla
    The Founder of Terra Tales, Ms Gita Chaudhry, has a wonderful attribute; she does not start endorsing any property for the sake of it. She visits it, feels it, experiences it and discusses the vision and approach at length. This approach helps her and the team to craft effective strategies regarding the positioning of any property and endorsing it and the outcomes are inspiring. My association with her is quite old and I witness freshness in her approach each time as mundane does not fit into their glossary. Good Luck, Terra Tales team.
    Lalit Shukla
    Tiger Lagoon Bandhavgarh
  • Rupesh Rai
    Not many entities believe in endorsing such concepts where tourists and travellers come truly closer to Nature and understand how rural communities operate from closest quarters. Terra Tales as our Endorsement Partner employs different tools, techniques and platforms to spread the word that such a concept exists. We are getting highly satisfying outcomes and hope to work with the team for a longer duration.
    Rupesh Rai
    The Goat Village,NagTibba
  • Sunita Kudle
    Terra Tales Team considers every establishment that they endorse as their own. The Terra Tales Team, led by the highly experienced, Ms Gita Chaudhry, brings forth warmth and a personalized touch and their passion for excellence is clearly visible in every team member. They are not only our Marketing Partners but also part of our team who keep sharing key points to improve further and better. Working with Terra Tales is an enriching experience in its entirety
    Sunita Kudle
    La Villa Bethany