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Pune was formerly known as Poona. After Mumbai, it is considered as the second largest city of Maharashtra. It is also referred to as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. There are a number of well-known educational institutes present in this city due to which it is also known as the Oxford of the East. Pune also attracts many tourists due to its natural beauty and popular resorts present.

Atmantan Wellness Resort, Pune, is nestled on a unique crystal hill, (that lends the land healing frequencies). Atmantan spans over 42 acres of lush green valley, & has its abode in the Majestic Sahyadris, overlooking the pristine Mulshi Lake. This award-winning wellness resort is truly the holistic amalgamation of the atma (soul), mana (mind) and tann (body). With integrated and customized wellness programs, Atmantan offers its guests result-oriented wellness experiences, such that they return to their daily lives healthier, happier and transformed.

Our guests reach us to get away form the hustle and bustle of daily life. We work to detox them and provide them sessions for physical and mental wellness. Organic products are used in our spa cuisine. They are made according to the requirement of the guest's diet. Our staff is known for their hospitable nature.

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Atmantan Wellness Resort Pune - Facilities/ Amenities

Boredom is not an option, as our trainers design and guide you through customized programs and work-out regimes, choosing from a plethora of exercise styles. Shakti (meaning ‘strength and endurance’ in Sanskrit), a 3500 square feet high-tech gymnasium is at your disposal. A functionally inspired aerobic studio, an indoor spinning studio, an expansive yoga studio, a multi-functional Pilates and dance studio, and a unique enclosed temperature-controlled environmentally friendly, chemical-free salt water pool. Supplementing this, is a spacious recreational sports complex, the amphitheatre – Prana (meaning ‘life giving force’ in Sanskrit), the meditation pavilions – Dhyana, a scenic jogging track and various other adrenaline pumping outdoor activity stations.


The fitness and yoga classes revolve around guest capabilities and requirements, while providing you with optimal daily exercise, in tune with your chosen package. Daily workout schedules engage you in activities designed to enhance well-being both physically and mentally. Our personal trainers combine their years of experience with the latest research in functional training, to help you achieve the best results, in a safe and enjoyable manner.

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Atmantan Wellness Resort Pune, nestled in the lap of the majestic Sahyadri range, spans 40 acres of lush green valley and overlooks the breathtaking mulshi lake.

We are amongst the largest wellness destinations in Asia. The resort with 106 guestrooms and villas, extravagant spa, cuisine, fitness, conference and banqueting facilities, has a minimalistic architectural design.

The Sahyadri Hills are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are one of most sought after bio-diversity hotspots in the world. This picturesque landscape in its crystalline abode makes Atmantan an exquisitely nature-inspired resort. Nestled on a crystal hill, spanning 42 acres of lush green valley, Atmantan, has its abode in the Majestic Sahyadris, and overlooks the pristine Mulshi Lake. The Prana of the land bestows blessings of divine energy upon the resort… Atmantan’s wellness offering is, therefore, the very apt marriage of serenity and healing. You will glow with an inner light as you indulge and achieve your every wellness goal here. Atmantan’s commitment to wellness will ensure that there will be no looking back on your transformation.

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