Gita Chaudhry

Gita, Founder & Owner of Terra Tales, is a veteran in the travel and tourism industry. She has spent close to 20 years leading the sales and marketing teams of hotel chains such as, ITC, Marriott and Wyndham. She started Terra Tales in 2016 with a vision to provide a marketing platform to mid-sized boutique hotels which appeal to customers who are seeking unique experiences. In her role as a marketeer, Gita is extensively involved in developing marketing strategies and plans working closely with the property management. She has been responsible and successful in putting hotel properties on the tourism map of India with the support of an extensive travel network both within and outside India.

Madhulika Chaudhry

A Management graduate with specialisation in Marketing, she has almost 20 years of experience in creative designing of marketing & advertising collateral and is well versed with the digital advertising and marketing. She is humble, down to earth human being with sound professional & creative knowledge.

Kanan Shah

Passionate about writing, Kanan has worked in media industry as a Television writer. With experience in editing a national magazine, she has interviewed many eminent personalities and increased her horizon in the education sector. Creating content and concepts for video productions have always been an indispensible part of her career. Determined to contribute to the world peace in the most creative and influential ways, she cherishes travel and exploration as essentials ingredients.

Talha Farooqui

A graduate from Meerut University, his extreme fascination with wildlife and nature, engrossed him into selling boutiques, offbeat destinations and lodges where he is able to share his experiential knowledge of wildlife with other travellers. He has few interests in life as deeply fascinating as crunching numbers and conjuring business lead out of thin air.

Rohit Gupta

Graduated with Masters in Business Administration from Delhi University, Rohit possesses all the exuberant qualities of a hardcore Sales guy with a keen eye for creating opportunities and a good understanding of balancing the customer expectations and hotel business needs simultaneously.