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The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is arguably one of India’s most exciting and best protected Tiger Reserve, with most visible tiger sightings in Maharashtra State.

About Tiger Trails - Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

TigerTrails Jungle Lodge is situated in the Chichghat Valley of the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve and is adjacent to the entry point in the park. Surrounded by a restored dry deciduous forest, grasslands and dotted with perennial waterholes.


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TigerTrails Jungle Lodges, a bush camp created by Amrut and Aditya Dhanwatay is the very finest example of how well directed tourism can actually help rewild barren lands, and are an example to us all. They have raised the bar in how we can combine saving nature with allowing people to see it, enjoy it and care for it.
Nineteen years ago they took over highly degraded land and now they run a popular lodge, amongst lush jungle. Trail Cameras introduced a decade ago monitor their forests for wildlife activities and can be seen online.


Entry into the Core of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is from the Khutwanda gate which lies adjacent to the lodge and is connected to the center of the park, providing access to all park wildlife areas. Appealing to the serious wildlife buffs, Tadoba offers a range of wildlife viewing opportunities, from Jeep safaris to walking safaris, electric pontoon safaris, photographic hides and soon to start again elephant back safaris.
Tadoba also offers its nature visitor access across its length and breadth of the park, much akin to a free range, and not just limiting its visitors to compulsory routes or zones. The advantage this offers is an unparalleled experience of 1000 sqkms of park landscape through which only about 50 jeeps can roam. This park access provides the opportunity to maybe see every tiger that calls Tadoba its home and spreading visitors wider across its landscape. Now also explore this enticing tiger landscape with full day photographic safaris including packed breakfast and lunch.



The stream overflowing from the Tadoba Lake flows through the center of the TigerTrails Jungle Lodge and joins the Irai Lake, adjoining the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve on the south-west boundary. This beautiful water-body is about 30 sq. kms and has inlets, islands and bays within the jungle providing a mesmerizing vista, enhanced by the presence of the birds and wildlife coming to the edge of the water - a wonderful way of bird-watching and wildlife viewing. Canoes and Electric powered pontoon boats paddling silently along the jungle’s edge and enjoying the birdlife and wildlife as it emerges will greatly enhance the experience.
A combination of walking and Pontoon safaris are naturally complementary. The safari involves dawn to dusk trekking and canoeing across some of the most luxuriant forest tracts of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. An added advantage of these safaris is the availability of vehicles and walking options where game activity invites a break from the lake. Our operators and guides have impeccable safety records and their guiding standards are the best on offer.
Take a canoe operated from one of the two jetties located on either side of Irai Lake. Arrive at Pardhi Ambhora where we offer the opportunity to stay on two of the best photographic hides that Tadoba offers. This is also the entry point for walking safaris.

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